Laughter Pills for Moms, A 31 Day Supply

Welcome!  My name is Angela Johnson Ayers and I am the author of Laughter Pills for Moms, A 31 Day Supply.  Regardless if your children are young, teens or adults, or whether you work outside the home or a stay home mom, one common factor we all share is the NEED for daily doses of laughter!  Being a mom is not always easy, heck, it is down right challenging at times.  The constant concern that our children's mental, physical, emotional, psychological, social, material and educational needs are met, along with daily life struggles, can way heavy on us moms at times.


To prevent me from morphing into a yelling, screaming, mommy banshee, I’ve learned to find humor in everyday situations and events.  I am sure a great number of things mentioned in this book have happened to you, your children, your life, making it even funnier knowing you are not alone.  Some say that laughter is the best medicine, and if that is true, we moms need a daily overdose of hard core, lethal prescription medicine administered through a vein drip!  Until such a medical, legal laughter antidote is created, this book must suffice.

I provide a 31-day supply of “Laughter Prescriptions Pills,” and “Encouragement Pills” for you to read; or keeping with the medicine theme, take daily.  In the event you are having a rough day and need a double dose of giggles, or a word of encouragement, go ahead and read, I mean, ingest all the pills in one sitting.  Just pop open the book (bottle), take at least one capsule by mouth daily, laugh and enjoy! Thank you for visiting

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